Tambov potatoes have long become a real brand of our region. There is no need to recommend this product. On the contrary – it is recommendation in itself. All the salesmen, willing to sell their product as quickly as possible, assure us that they have got original and tasty potatoes planted on generous black soil.

Tambov potatoes are known and appreciated far away from Tambov region. It is characterized by high starch content. If you cut a tuber with a knife, it will crack like a watermelon. Crumbly potatoes have got a yellow colour and a unique flavor

Gastronomic festival is a climax of the Pokrov Fair. This event is very important for the development of tourism in the Tambov region and popularization of national Russian cuisine. We try to preserve and keep the culinary traditions and attract youth and children to learning Russian history.

According to the survey of the analytical agency “Tout start” the festival “Tambov Potatoes” has been included into top 5 main events in autumn together with such festivals as “Gold Autumn” (Moscow), gourmet-festival “Veliky Novgorod”, “Sochi Fish market”.

Traditionally the gastronomic festival “Tambov Potatoes” is held on the second day of the Pokrov Fair. People boil as many kilos of the plant as the age of the city. 180 more kilos are fried on a record frying pan which is 2,6 meters in diameter. It was presented to our city by Tula craftsmen

Interesting Facts

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